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3 Habits to Keep Your Child Organised and Focused in Primary School

Primary school girl doing homework

Hi parents, we understand that adjusting from childcare to Primary School may be tough. So we will be here to provide helpful tips to make the transition easier for you and your child!

Today we will be sharing about helpful habits to help your child stay organised and on task in school.


1. Prioritise Homework

It is a good habit for your child to complete their homework on the day they receive it. This reduces the chances of them rushing through their work last minute or forgetting to complete it before the next lesson.

Completing homework on time will allow your child to keep up with lessons and clarify any doubts in the next class. You and your child can also enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about incomplete homework.

In TKC, our students declare their homework and start working on it once class begins! If they need help, they can approach any of our subject teachers.


2. File Worksheets

Throughout the year, your child will have a lot of worksheets and loose sheets of notes. Teach them to file their work into a ring folder for each subject so that they can easily revise in the future. Some schools may also conduct regular subject file checks, so it will be good to file worksheets regularly!

Multicoloured files with dividers
Subject Files with Dividers

To be more organised, dividers can be used to separate worksheets, extra practices, tests and notes. (Or you could also group them by topics)


3. Subject Trays

Another way to stay organised is to use subject trays. While your child is getting used to filing their worksheets, they can first use subject trays to organise content for each subject.

Subject trays for Math, Science and English
Subject Trays for Math, Science and English

At the end of the week, go through each subject tray and file completed worksheets.


At TKC, we work closely with parents to create the ideal environment for our students to grow holistically and SHINE! 🌟 Together, let's nurture critical and creative thinking skills, empowering our children to excel! Join the TKC community today! 👩‍👧✨

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