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Creating Star Performers

Going beyond the basic services of an after-school care facility, The Kidz Club fosters the holistic development of our students with our structured curriculum and enrichment programmes that have been carefully curated to balance work and play, encouraging inquisitiveness and exploration in our students, while instilling discipline and social grace.

TKC students gathering around a computer with our principal

Our Story

Growing up, just like most children in dual-income families, Huey Bian spent most of her time after school revising schoolwork and helping out with chores and preparing meals. Her active involvement in school activities gave her the opportunities to harness her leadership and life skills which was honed further in her management roles in the corporate world. From her humble beginnings, Huey Bian’s childhood and growing years showed her in no uncertain terms how sheer grit, discipline and determination can make a marked difference in someone’s life. This mindset stayed with her throughout her life and formed the cornerstone of her career.

It is with this mindset that helped shape The Kidz Club. With the nagging thoughts of how our younger generation are becoming more self-entitled and privileged, Huey Bian wanted to impart in these younger charges at her student care centres the benefits of delayed gratification versus instant gratification. Hence, the idea of creating a haven where children would have a safe and welcoming space, inculcated with values and instilled with discipline, was conceived.


With the birth of The Kidz Club, a methodology was conceptualised to keep students active, engaged, and develop social and life skills relevant for the future. The pedagogy adopted by The Kidz Club includes experiential learning through partnerships with family and senior service centres.

best friends at tkc
students and their teacher posing at an excursion

Such concepts have resonated with parents, which is demonstrated by their vote of confidence in us, trusting that we will always have the children's best interest at heart.

At present, The Kidz Club has 4 outlets in Bukit Timah, Toa Payoh, Bukit Batok and Bishan with plans to expand further, and continue to impact the lives of our young individuals, creating star performers of tomorrow.

our vision

Our Vision

To establish a nurturing environment where each child is treated like family, in which a balance of discipline and care creates self-motivated and responsible individuals.

our goal

Our Mission

The Kidz Club aims to act as an extension of parents, to provide the right environment for our students to grow holistically, developing critical and creative thinking skills to execute daily tasks and challenges, and to become self-disciplined individuals with social grace.

Community Outreach

To be a responsible and relevant part of the community requires the right values as well as soft skills. At The Kidz Club, we aim to be a student care facility that promotes empathy and compassion by instilling these values in our students and nurturing their sense of inclusiveness.

Through our special projects and voluntary programmes, The Kidz Club reaches out to the community through our partnerships and collaborations with family and senior service centres, as well as beneficiary groups and private organisations. With every event organised, we nurture our students towards a more empathic and socially inclusive mindset.

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